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Significant, but not Sufficient:  More than 20,000 gather for the O20 Struggle in Seoul

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October 20th! The Struggle Continues in Seoul!!!!

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Special Report

Day of Action Against Globalization

Video with English narrations and subtitles from the ASEM 2000 Seoul Day of Action Against Neo-Liberal Globalization, interviews of participants.  

Seoul O20 struggle begins!  

  • Images and narrations from the all-night people's festival against neo-liberal restructuring and globalization on the 19th to the morning demonstrations and clashes of the 20th.

From Seattle to Seoul!  

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O20  The People's Struggle Continues in Seoul!!!

  The torch of the international struggle against globalization carries over into East Asia with the ASEM 2000 Seoul Day of Action Against Neo-Liberal Globalization on the 20th of October. It will be held at the same site where the Asian financial crisis swept through 3 years ago and left much of the region in ruin, it will be organized by the people who have lost the most and suffered the most from the direct impacts of the neo-liberal restructuring program promoted by international financial institutions. [Full]


Solidarity Message to Prague

Our Solidarity to the Activists Arrested in Prague and an Immediate Call for their Release!!

Denouncement of the Czech Government and Police for their Brutality and Abuse of Human Rights!!

  All of us here in Korea, organizing support and action for the struggle that will take place against neo-liberal globalization on the 20th of October at the Asia Europe Meeting, were greatly angered by news coming from Prague on police brutality and the blatant disregard for human rights that have occurred, and which are still going on, regarding the activists arrested at the anti-globalization demonstrations. [Full]

 Korean Progressive News In English ( bv PICIS )

10th Broadcast (10.30)
A Look back at the O20 Struggle in Seoul

9th Broadcast (10.12)

- ASEM 2000 Seoul Day of Action Against Neo-Liberal    Globalization 

8th Broadcast (9.20)
Day of Action at the ASEM 200  (9.20) 
- The Struggle Continues in Maehyang-Ri

7th Broadcast (8/26)
- Lotte Strike Ends in Victory for the Workers
- Past and Present of the International Solidarity Movement in Korea

6th Broadcast (8/5)
- Anti-ASEM???  Prospects of International Solidarity

- Updates on the Lotte Strike and the SOFA Negotiations

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Action Calendar

11/11  All-night People;s Festival

11/12  National Worker's Rally(DaiHak-Ro)

11/16 - 17 Forum on Korea/Japan Investment Treaty(Tokyo, Japan)

11/23  Joint Discussion on Investment Treaties and Free Trade Agreements

12/11 - 16 Jubilee South Conference(Dakar, Senegal)

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