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Presentations from "International Symposium Envisioning a Renewable Public Energy System"
Presentations from the "International Symposium Envisioning a Renewable Public Energy System through Solidarity between Labor and Environmental Movements" that was held on 22nd June, Seoul, Korea.

The presentations are in both Korean and English. You can refer to them for info on energy privatization and alternatives in Korea.


International Symposium "Envisioning a Renewable Public Energy System through Solidarity between Labor and Environmental Movements"


Date :JUNE 22, 2005.
Venue : National Assembly Conference Room, Seoul, Korea.
Organizer : KLSNE (Korean Labor Social Network on Energy)
Sponsor : KoPA (Korean People's Action against FTAs &WTO)
              Chamsesang (Korean Alternative Media)

1. Symposium Title
        Envisioning a Renewable Public Energy System through Solidarity between Labor and Environmental Movements

2. Program

(1) Opening Ceremony

▲ Time : 09:30 - 10:00
△ Opening Remarks
△ People's Ceremony to Martyrs of Labor Movement
△ Keynote Speech :
        Yang Kyung-kyu(President, Korean Federation of Transportation, Public & Social Service Workers’ Union, [KPSU])
        Kim Hye-jung(General Secretary, Korean Federation for Environmental Movements[KFEM],)
△ Congratulating Speech :
        Kim Se-kyun(Co-Chair, National Association of Professors for a Democratic Society) )
        Jo Seung-su(Assemblyman, Korean Democratic Labor Party[KDLP])

(2) Part 1.
     The Transformation toward a Renewable Energy System through Solidarity between Labor and Environmental Movements

▲ Time : 10:00 - 12:30
▲ Moderator : Han Kyeong-ku (KFEM, Policy Director)
△ Agenda Presentation
① Creation of jobs, protection of climate, stimulation of renewable energies
        -Dr.GeorgWerckmeister(Director, Renewable Energy Alliance)
② Common Tasks of Labor and Environmental Movement for a Renewable Energy System in Korea
        - Prof. Lee Phil-ryul (Director, Center for Energy Alternative)
△ Panelists
① Dr. Song Tae-su (Professor, Korea Labor Education Institute)
② Jo Tae-man (President, Korea Hydro&Nuclear Power Co.Ltd. Union)
③ Shin Ik-su (President, Korea Gas Corporation Union)
④ Dr. Woo Seok-hoon (Policy Secretary, The Korea Greens)

(3) Part 2.
     Critique of Energy Industry Marketization and Our Tasks.

▲ Time : 13:30 - 15:30
▲ Moderator : Na Sang-yoon (Policy Director, KPSU)
△ Agenda Presentation
① Critique of the Global Project to Privatize and Marketize Energy
        - Prof. Sharon Beder (Wollongong University, Austrailia)
② Critique of Energy Industry Reorganization in Korea and the Challenges Ahead
        - Prof. Ahn Hyun-Hyo (Ehwa Womens' University, Korea)
△ Panelists
①Steve Thomas (Senior Fellow, Public Services International Research Unit)
② Shin Jong-seung (President, Korean Power Plant Industry Union)
③SurasakSaehao(Deputy General Secretary, LaborUnionofElectricityGeneratingAuthorityof Thailand)
(4) Part 3.
    Comprehensive Discussion

▲ Time : 16:00-18:00
▲ Moderator : Lee Ho-dong (Co-Chair, KLSNE)
△ Panelists
① Prof. Jo Young-tak (Hanbat University, Korea)
② Jo Seung-su (Assemblyman, KDLP)
③ Lee Jong-hoe (Director, KoPA)
④ Malou Tabios (Secretariat, Jubilee South Asia-Pacific, Philippines)
⑤ Lee Sang-hoon (Policy Secretary, KFEM)
△ Discussion Topic
① Pending Issues : the "Energy Framework Act" and Market Opening
② Critique of the Korean Government Energy Policy
③ The Tasks before us : energy as a public and social good, and the transformation toward a renewable system

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