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2005-07-11 14:22:39
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Workshop against Privatization of Water
Presentations from "Workshop against Privatization of Water" held in Seoul, Korea, on 23rd June 2005, as part of "Water and Energy Are Human Rights! International Trade Union Conference against Privatization of Water and Energy"

Workshop on Water Privatisation

10:00~12:00 Session 1
        * Opening Remark
          ․JEONG Yong Cheon, Acting President, KGEU
        * Facilitator : HONG Seong Ho, Executive Director of Bargaining, KGEU
        * Presentation 1 : Critique on Neoliberalism and Logic of Privatization
            : KIM Seong Gu, Professor of International Economics, Hanshin University
        * Presentation 2 : Directions for Labour Movement to Stop Privatization of Water
            : PARK Jun Hyeong, Director of Organizing, KPSU
        * Presentation 3 : Trend and Logic of International Environmental Movements against Water Privatization
            : KIM Choony, International Director, KFEM
        * Case Presentation 1 : Struggles against Management Contracting to Private Sector of Seoul Amsa Purification Plant
            : PARK Seong Yeol, Director of External Affairs, KGEU Seoul Branch
        * Case Presentation 2 : Struggles of KGEU Andong City Branch against Privatization of Local Waterworks
               : KIM Hwi Tae, Chairperson of Andong City Chapter, KGEU Daegu/Gyeongbuk Branch
        * Case Presentation 3 : Struggles against Management Contracting of Jeonju City Local Waterworks
            : KIM Yeon Tak, President of Jeonbuk Equality Trade Union, KPSU

12:00~13:30 Lunch
           * Movie (12:30~13:30)
             ․"Thirst" (2004, USA, 62 min. Alan Snitow & Deborah Kaufman)
                - Is water a basic right or commodity?
               : Screened at 8th Seoul International Labour Film Festival

13:30~16:00 Session 2
        * Facilitator : RYU Mi Kyung, Policy Coordinator, KoPA
        * Presentation 1 : Water Privatization - Initial Presentation of Trends in the Asia Pacific Region
            : Malou Tabios, Jubilee South Asia Pacific
        * Presentation 2 : Privatization of State Company in Indonesia
            : Andy Sinaga, Secretary General of DPP STA SBSI
        * Presentation 3 : Struggles against Privatization of Thai Waterworks
            : Montieanthong Thanasest, President of LUPWA
        * Presentation 4 : Resistance of Trade Unions against Water and Energy Privatization in Nepal
            : Ramesh Badal, Secretary of Department of Labour Relations, GEFONT
        * Presentation 5 : Philippines' Case
            : Edgar Bilayon, Director of External Affairs, BMP-PNR
            : Glenn Sarador, Deputy General Secretary for External Affairs
        * Presentation 6 : Water Privatization and Direction of Struggles of KGEU
            : KO Sung Bae, Chair of Special Committee against Water Privatization, KGEU

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