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2004-11-09 13:19:45
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ALERT: Crack down on KGEU!
KGEU Breaking News #4                            9th November 2004

ALERT: Crack down on KGEU!  

The situation here is very urgent. Although the arrested on Saturday were all released till Monday(8th, Nov.), since then lots of KGEU chapters have been raided by the police with seizure and search warrants and union members summoned and arrested for they have been encouraging and involved in industrial ballots. The police confiscated ballot papers and boxes and all other stuff that they thought related to the ballots. The riot cops are deployed around KGEU chapters' offices threatening sweeping away any 'illegal collective activities'. And yesterday the government confirmed that arrest warrants against KGEU President KIM Young-Gil and General Secretary AHN Byeong-Soon has been issued and several companies of riot cops have been deployed around the KGEU office. It seems like the government is t ying to hinder KGEU's votes and even to annihilate and destroy the union itself.

6th, November (Saturday)

22:00, the police stormed into the office of Gangseo-gu Chapter of KGEU Seoul Branch with a seizure and search warrant. Unions' computers and all the stuff they though related to the vote including ballot papers and boxes, and poll books were confiscated.

7th, November (Sunday)

08:30, the office of Seoguipo Chapter of KGEU Jeju Branch was raided by the police with a seizure and search warrant. The police ordered to deliver up the ballot papers. When they couldn't find the papers, they searched Chapter chairperson's home and car and his father's as well.

10:30, the detectives confiscated ballot papers in Euiryeong Chapter of KGEU Gyeongnam Branch.

17:00, the police broke into the office of Pocheon Chapter of KGEU Gyeonggi Branch. Ballot papers and computers etc were taken by the police. They searched vice-chairperson's home and car and director general's as well.

21:00, the office of Yeongdo Chapter of KGEU Busan Branch were raided by the riot cops. They took unions' posters, meeting documents and even crushed pieces of documents. And so was the office of Dong-gu Chapter of Busan Branch.

8th, November (Monday)

11:30, the office of Gokseong Chapter of Jeonnam Branch were raided by the police. Ballot papers and all the stuff related to vote and computers were taken.

11:30, the detectives and the district mangers confiscated ballot papers and poll books in Guro Chapter office of KGEU Seoul Branch. The riot cops have been deployed around the office and the Guro-gudistrict.

13:30, SOHN Dae-Hyeop, director general of Dalseong-gun Chapter of Daegu/Gyeongbuk Branch, was arrested when he tried to distribute ballot papers. He was taken as a criminal in an act of crime and the papers were all confiscated.

18:00, the police broke into the office of Yeongdong Chapter of KGEU Chungbuk Branch. Director general of the Chapter who resisted police violence was arrested as a criminal in an act of crime and released hours later.

As of this moment this message is being written, all the KGEU chapters where the ballots have started have been raided by the police and the vote stopped. Lots of KGEU members involved in the ballots have been arrested.

We will keep you informed.

Your solidarity desperately needed! Please send your message to the Korean government demanding to stop the repression and to come up to talks with the KGEU. Protest letter to the Korean government and protest visit to Korean mission abroad may be a lot helpful.

Followings are where you are expected to send your message;

President ROH Moo-hyun
The President of Republic of Korea
1 Sejong-no, Jongno-gu
Seoul 110-820, Republic of Korea      
E-mail: president@cwd.go.kr
Fax: +82-2-770-0347

Prime Minister LEE Hae-Chan
Office of the Prime Minister, Republic of Korea
77-6, Sejongno, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-760, Korea
Email: m_opm@opm.go.kr
Fax: +82-2-720-3571

Minister HUH Sung Kwan
The Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs
The Government Central Building
77-6 Sejongno, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-760, Korea
Email: minister6@mogaha.go.kr
Fax: +82-2-3703-5501

CC: KGEU Fax: +82-2-2631-1949 Email: kgeu@kgeu.org

Upcoming Dates
Nov. 9th-10th                 KGEU's Industrial Ballots
Nov. 11th                        KGEU Central Committee
Nov. 11th-12th                Work-to-Rule in All KGEU Branches and Chapters
Nov. 12th                        Press Conference on Launching a General Strike
Nov. 13th                        People's Rally
Nov. 14th                        Annual National Workers' Rally in Seoul
Nov. 15th                        KGEU General Strike

   Anti human rights suppression of KGEU by government and police

   ALERT: Police Hunt for KGEU and Its Members!


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