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2004-11-01 18:56:57
Campaign for People’s War Crimes Tribunal on Bush, Blair and Noh Moo-Hyun
“We refuse to become citizens of a state that has committed war crimes!”

Campaign for People’s War Crimes Tribunal
on Bush, Blair and Noh Moo-Hyun

● Background

◦ Despite the persistent efforts of Koreans to stop deployment of Korean troops and to withdraw existing troops, the government went ahead to deploy troops, ignoring the demands of the people. Although an innocent citizen was sacrificed by the government’s rhetoric of ‘national interest’ and its deployment plan, the logic of the government that ‘the safety of one mere citizen should not affect such an important decision of the state’ is being deeply absorbed into the Korean society.

◦ The issue of deploying Korean troops to Iraq is an issue of democracy, as well as being that of peace and human rights. The deployment policy is resulting in the destruction of peace and security, and in the infringement of human rights of the Iraqi people, and in Korea, it is leading to the destruction of democracy, in that it is completely ignoring the will of the people.

◦ Thus, the grassroot people’s movement in Korea declares that if the administrative/legislative/judicial bodies in Korea go against the international principles on human rights despite the will of its people, and that if the Korean state bodies refuse to judge on the illegality and inhumanity of the government, then the right to condemn the war crimes of the state lies with the people themselves.
◦ In order to make a ruling, by the name of the people, on the Korean government that had pushed forth with its deployment plans and the US government that had invaded Iraq, we will build a war crimes tribunal as a voluntary campaign. Through a ruling based on testimonies of the people, we intend to assert our right of disobedience to the wrongful policies of the state. After the ruling, we will implement diverse activities in order to condemn the war crimes and to stop them.

◦ Furthermore, the Korean Campaign for People’s War Crimes Tribunal will form solidarity with the international movement on war crimes tribunal that was resolved as part of the Jakarta Peace Consensus of May 2003. The Campaign is a part of "World Tribunal on Iraq" and one of the local sessions of the l World Tribunal on Iraq. We will make unrelenting efforts to form international solidarity, and aim to uphold peace and human rights of the Iraqi people, and of the peoples around the world.

● Activities & Plans
1. Plaintiffs’ Assembly to Build the Tribunal
2. Organize 10,000 plaintiffs to build the Tribunal: October – November
3. Testimony Rallies on War Crimes, Grassroots Declaration of Action for Peace
4. People’s Tribunal on Bush, Blair and Noh Moo-Hyun: 9th-12th December

Contact info: gopeace1@jinbo.net

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